Care From the word go

TCK care starts with early contact between a family and the agency they plan to work with. Asking questions and helping couples ask themselves questions need to keep happening throughout the family’s time with the agency and possibly beyond into adulthood. Agencies, Bible colleges, local churches, books and TCK specialists can all play their part in the preparation, orientation and on-field ministry stages. Great value is attached to having TCK dedicated staff on home and field sides. They can act as resource people on educational and welfare matters. Networking among parents can also be most helpful.

Kezia reported on her survey of mission personnel experience of TCK care. While increasing attention is being paid to this area,recommendations for more information and training include:Maintaining the first language (mother tongue).

  • Multilingualism and supporting those who struggle with language.
  • Identifying emotional responses to transition in children.
  • Helping under 5s with transitions.
  • Balancing family and ministry.
  • Raising girls in male-dominated societies.
  • Nurturing spiritual growth in children.
  • Equipping young adult TCKs to return to their passport countries for further education and work.
  • Educating home churches about TCK matters.
  • Supporting adult TCKs into and beyond their 20s.


Kezia Schoonveld (WEC & MK Focus Netherlands)

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