Concerned for the education and welfare of third culture kids (TCKs) in your family of organisation? Living and/or working in Europe or on home leave from an overseas assignment? Or are you working with European TCKs in an international school? Want to hear from others who share your experiences?

EuroTCK is a Christian faith based pan-European working group for those interested in TCK issues. It is a sub-network of the European Evangelical Mission Association (EEMA) and comes under their structure and authority.


EuroTCK exists to equip those in and from Europe who are concerned for, or interested in, TCK matters through networking, sharing of resources and promoting good practice from a Christian perspective.

What we do

We seek to build relationships and opportunities for networking for people from different agencies, church traditions and countries across Europe. We do this through running a conference every two to three years, providing information about what is going on in the TCK world and resourcing TCK caregivers through online resources.

Focus of Euro TCK conferences

The conference is predominantly for:

  • Those with TCK responsibility in their mission agency and/or church.
  • Those providing TCK Care both formally and informally such as dorm parents, teachers, TCK camp staff.
  • Adult TCKs and those with a heart for TCK matters.

The main purposes of the conference are:

  • Bringing TCK caregivers together.
  • Presenting and exchanging information on pertinent issues.
  • Presenting and exchanging quality resources, especially new ones. The conference will therefore need to run some basis workshops,
  • repeating content and presentations from previous years.
  • Showing newcomers to the TCK Care field where they can get resources
  • Helping to develop Adult TCK networks

BOOKINGS OPEN: The next event is near Stuttgart Germany from Monday 20th May to Friday 24th May 2019 with the theme “TCKs in a Changing World – Understanding and Navigating the Currents of Change”.

Booking are now open, there are only limited single rooms and en-suite twin rooms available. There are early bird booking prices available until 31st December 2018. Visit our Events page for more details and to book.