Euro TCK 2017

Concerned for the education and welfare of third culture kids in your family or organisation? Living and/or working in Europe or on home leave from overseas assignment? Or are you working with European TCKs in an international school? Want to hear from others who share your experiences?

The Euro TCK network meets every three years or so and last met in Germany in May 2017. 70 people attended to learn from each other, share resources, think through good practice and encourage each other. The next event is not yet planned but is likely to be in 2020. It you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact us.

EuroTCK 2017 - Window to the World of the TCK

EuroTCK 2017 met from May 11-15 at the beautiful Friolzheim retreat centre near Stuttgart Germany. The theme was Window to the World of the TCK and Christian Quartier the plenary speaker.

Over 70 delegates participated in various workshops, plenaries and white board sessions dealing with diverse issues such as:

  • Raising Sons and Daughters in a Muslim Context
  • The Role of the Father in Transition
  • Education pre and post field
  • TCKs and Relationships
  • The Value of Sadness

Christian┬┤s plenaries were very well done and helpful in giving practical methods of dealing with issues that TCKs face.

As a work group we are taking a few months to look at the recommendations given to us by the delegates and begin to plan the next conference sometime in 2019 or 2020. We trust you will be able to attend that conference. As work group leader I would like to publicly thank the work group for all their strong and diligent work to make EuroTCK 2017 a great success.

Guille Eddy

Euro TCK work group leader

Future Events

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